DARK LUNACY- Live in Mexico City (2013): Live drums, mixing, mastering

DARKSIDE – Inferno (2013): Drums, mixing and mastering

DARK LUNACY – The Day Of Victory (2014): Recording, mixing

DOPESTARS INC. – Terapunk (2015): Drums recording, drum editing

TAPEWHORE – Tapewhore (2015): Recording, mixing, mastering

RESURRECTURIS – Nazienda (2015): Drums, recording, mixing

VIOLENT INNER PROTEST – s/t EP (2015): Recording, mixing, mastering

BOLOGNA VIOLENTA/DFB – Split Ep (2015): Drums, mixing

BOLOGNA VIOLENTA – Discordia (2016): Drums, bass, mixing

WOLFHEART ft. t.m.a.c. – Morphean Empires (2016): Drums, bass, mixing

ANGRY NATION – The Fail Decade (2016: Drums, bass, mixing

BUSHI – Bushi (2017): Drums, Vocals recording, mixing

BOLOGNA VIOLENTA – Cortina EP (2017): Drums, Mixing

OVER DEAD IN OVER – Alone EP (2018): Recording, mixing, mastering

EMPTY SET – s/t (2018): All instruments, recording, mixing

ANGRY NATION – Embracing The Collapse (2018): Drums, mixing

DROVAG – s/t (2018): All instruments, mixing, mastering

BUSHI – The Flawless Avenger (2020): Guitars, recording, mixing

BOLOGNA VIOLENTA – Bancarotta Morale (2020): Drums, samples, mixing

DROVAG – Toxin (2021): All instruments, recording, mixing

BRAIN – Black Holes (2021): Drums, bass, drum editing

UOMO FIAMMIFERO – Educazione Francescana (2022): Drums, mixing, mastering

DROVAG – Memories Will Fade (2022): All instruments, recording, mixing

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