Musician, composer, producer, sound engineer, painter


Welcome! I am currently a member and collaborator for many musical projects such as Bologna Violenta, The Breakbeast, Ronin, Drovag, Bushi, Empty Set and more. Available for remote or live drum sessions and as producer and sound engineer (click the Soundbetter button above). I use exclusively Paiste cymbals, Remo heads, Vic Firth sticks and Sempiternvs snare drums.


THE BREAKBEAST – MONKEY RIDING GOD  ||  Imagine what could happen if Fugazi hits RUN DMC or if Grandmaster Flash hits Black Flag! This is The Breakbeast, a deep journey into break-beat layers, going through math, groove and electronic experiments. File under: Funk, Experimental, Breakbeat.

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Music influenced by Funk, Jazz, Post-Punk, Hip-hop, Jungle, Noise and Afrobeat. This project is the brainchild of the saxophonist and sound engineer Sergio Pomante. I was very happy when Sergio and Mario asked me to join, the raw material they were working on was incredibly fresh and groovy. We signed for the italian label Overdrive records in 2021 and released our debut album the same year. 


I knew Nicola Manzan during the glorious MySpace era for being the session guitar player of the italian band Baustelle (Infernal Poetry’s singer Paolo Ojetti was working for them as stage engineer). In 2015 I finally convinced Nicola to become a duo (after 9 years of albums and shows as one-man-band), always contributing to push forward his music.


Inspired by the mighty Nate Wood and Josh Dion, I wanted to play many instruments simoltaneously while serving exclusively the songs, avoiding technical complexity and instrumental “olympics”. Lyrically is inspired by the ugliness of contemporary big cities, the new slavery of today’s workers and the decadence of the railways’ surroundings. Musically it’s something between trip-hop, synth-pop, new wave..


Many years ago I started composing songs with a very weird and unique tuning of my guitar: all strings tuned in G. By this mean, what came out was a very martial and epic music that suited well with the Samurai imagery and history.  Now Bushi is a quartet consisting in members of Bologna Violenta, Morso, ex-members of Ulan Bator and Drunken Butterfly.


collabs and past bands


Started in 1999, this band suffered continuous line up changes, record by record. The one I was involved with featured (along the founder Bruno Dorella) Nicola Manzan on guitar and violin and Roberto Villa on bass and lasted three good years. Very cool moments spent together, it will be missed


EMPTY SET is a duo formed by me and by the musician and producer Enrico Tiberi (The Shell Collector, Nrec). The debut album was inspired by some episodes of the TV series The Twilight Zone and it's a modern form of progressive rock with psychedelic influences



I was called by Cristiano Tiberi and Elisa Scarpeccio to replace Uli Kusch (ex-Helloween) on drums for gigs around Europe and Russia. They wanted to start promoting their first album (with James LaBrie of Dream Theatre as guest on three songs) after it was reissued in 2019



The austrian thrasher Walter Oberhofer at first contacted me for drums preproductions and ended up asking me to produce, mix the albums and collaborate with the band (along with Wolfgang Suessenbeck, Jaroslav Lukac and Jacopo Rossi)


WOLFHEART feat The Malavita Antisocial Club

A solo project of the austrian veteran 'deathster' Wolfgang Suessenbeck who wanted to expand musical horizons by asking contributions to a bunch of musicians with different musical backgrounds. I was involved in the drums arrangements as well as putting the pieces together and mixing the debut double album


This death metal band is from Iceland and I was asked - back in 2016 - to record drums for their very first debut EP (Arkanum). Italian and Icelandic connections don't happen very often. I am really happy that the band signed for a pretty much known metal Label, this makes me proud for the work I have done for these guys



This is one of the most important musical journey I've ever experienced and I am deeply grateful for all the time spent creating music. The band broke up during the spring of 2014, after releasing important and well-received albums. I joined the band in 2004, during the recording sessions of Beholding The Unpure. It was hard to replace Andrea Rabuini on drums, both for the technical complexity of the songs and for the acquired popularity that the previous drummer had obtained throughout the years. Nevertheless my presence in the band stimulated a constant stylistic change album by album, forging a personal and recognizable sound. With no relevant budgets to invest in the project, despite its appearance at three Gods Of Metal editions, despite three european tours and many gigs in Italy, despite very good feedbacks by the critics, the band has been nearly ignored by the majority of metalheads and decided to quit


On October (or November) 2009, Mike Lunacy offered to me and Daniele Galassi (both in the band Infernal Poetry) to join Dark Lunacy to record the new album Weaver Of Forgotten, after a split with all the founding members of the band. In almost six years of activity with DL, I released two studio albums, one Live DVD in Mexico City (2 out of 3 mixed by myself in my production studio) and played gigs around the world (Italy, Mexico, Russia, Ukraine and Japan). On March 2016 I decided to leave the band for rather evident differences on an artistic and ethical level.. But thanks to all the fans around the world, a gift that's not so obvious to have from life



I was called by Carlo Strappa to join the band in 2002 or so. Resurrecturis always represented to me, as a teenager, a very big deal and to be part of it was extremely gratifying amd honoring (the band was founded in 1990!). After a couple of years of instability in the band, I started touring in 2005 (my very first european tour), in 2006 and played a good bunch of italian shows. I recorded and released with this band two albums: Non Voglio Morire and Nazienda (which I also tracked and mixed in my studio). After my recruiting in the project Bologna Violenta and the birth of my daughter, I decided to leave the band and concentrate in other musical endeavours. I will be grateful to Carlo forever for being part of Resurrecturis history



This project gave Enrico Tiberi a platform to experiment with some of his best riffs and ideas combining Rock, Pop, Progressive together with cinematic, psychedelic and classical elements, ultimately resulting in a full band line-up in 2012 and touring Italy and the UK. I left the band in 2014 to concentrate myself on different musical projects such as Bologna Violenta. Cool music and very funny moments together