BOLOGNA VIOLENTA (2015 - present)

I knew Nicola Manzan during the glorious MySpace era for being the session guitar player of the italian band Baustelle (Infernal Poetry’s singer Paolo Ojetti was working for them as stage engineer). In 2015 I finally convinced Nicola to become a duo (after 9 years of albums and shows as one-man-band), always contributing to push forward his music.

- Sinfonia n. 1 in Fa-stidio Maggiore op. 35 – Split12"/Digital, 2015 (Overdrive/Dischi Bervisti)
- Discordia – LP/CD/MC/Digital, 2016 (Overdrive)
- Wanna Be Satan – Single/Digital, 2017 (Dischi Bervisti)
- Cortina – EP/MC/Digital, 2017 (Dischi Bervisti)
- Calcolatrice, Single/Digital, 2018 (Dischi Bervisti)
- Bancarotta Morale - LP/CD/MC/Digital, 2020 (Overdrive, Dischi Bervisti, Truebypass)

RONIN (2018 - present)

In 1999 Bruno Dorella was the drummer of Wolfango, when he decided to form a new band combining Morricone's western music, guitar isolationism and Mediterranean/Balcan folk music features. After many albums and line up changes, it features now a complete new personnel with Bruno Dorella still on guitar, Nicola Manzan (Bologna Violenta) on guitar and violin, Roberto Villa on bass, and myself on drums.

- Bruto Minore - LP/CD/MC/Digital, 2019 (Black Candy)

BUSHI (2017 - present)

Many years ago I started composing songs with a very weird and unique tuning of my guitar: all strings tuned in G. By this mean, what came out was a very martial and epic music that suited well with the Samurai imagery and history. For many years this project didn’t see the light (primarily because I was not a full-time musician and it was hard to find the right people to involve in. Now Bushi is a quartet consisting in members of Bologna Violenta, Morso, ex-members of Ulan Bator and Drunken Butterfly.

- Bushi – CD/Digital, 2017 (Dischi Bervisti)
- The Flawless Avenger - Book+CD/Digital, 2020 (Infinity Entertainment)

DROVAG (2018 - present)

Inspired by the mighty Nate Wood and Josh Dion, I wanted to play many instruments simoltaneously while serving exclusively the songs, avoiding technical complexity and instrumental “olympics”.
Lyrically is inspired by the ugliness of contemporary big cities, the new slavery of today’s workers and the decadence of the railways’ surroundings. Musically it’s something between trip-hop, synth-pop, new wave..

- Drovag - MC/Digital, 2018 (eubpdv Records)
- Toxin - 7inchVinyl Single/Digital, 2021 (All Will Be Well Records)


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