1. Life Is Creepy
2. Slaughter Of Turkeys In The Local Market
3. How Could You Serve Me So Bad?
4. Suspect Sewage Near Your Anus
5. Burn My Valves
6. Crackling Of Burnt Bones
7. I Kissed Your Holy Feet
8. Maximum Obliteration Of Tickets
9. Fingers Sliced By A Drunk Butcher
10. I Like Fennels And I Don’t Give A Shit
11. The Ultimate Pain In The Ass
12. Whores A-Go-Go
13. Vomiting Shit
14. We Have Not Been Paid, As Usual
15. Compared To Me, Satan Is A Turd
16. Atrocious Torture Of Parrots
17. Worms Devoured My Shoes
18. Profound Contempt For Virgins
19. You Smell Like Shit
20. Insane Puerperium
21. Jesus Was The Third Robber
22. I Hate Fatties Fucking
23. I Dress In Black

released September 1, 2012

Recorded and mixed in 2012 with the help of Baal.
Artwork made by Urmuz without help.
Contact Urmuz for birthday parties or invite him for dinner.

Label: Self-Production


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